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We have moved!

Well - the 'ole IBM eServer is finally on its way out. We have been hosting this site ourselves since its inception, and after server #2 has become outdated, we have finally moved to a host provider (and good timing too, one of the drives in the mirror just failed). Needless to say, there will be a few growing pains along the way. Please be patient as there are some glitches to be worked out. We still need to fine tune all the software, we can't use the exact same setup since we no longer have a dedicated server.

As always - we are looking for contributors. Here's a fun fact: The top 7 contributors account for 7,000 of the photos on this website.
And so - although we are not looking for handouts to cover the cost of hosting at this time (we're doing that just fine!), we really do need people to contribute photos!
Please register! (and once registered you can upload photos in the Uploads folder)

(Just a quick thanks to Don Jaworski for his huge and ongoing contribution, as well as Doug Lawson, Eric Oman, Dan Garcia and anyone else who contributes)
For more info on uploading photos - please click on the link below!
Thanks in advance for all contributions!

Also if you do have questions, please feel free to contact the webmaster by clicking on the link below.

All images are Copyright © 2005 - 2013, Gord Hilderman, Brent Letain, David Voss, Don Jaworski, Eric Oman, Paul Smith, Ross Pugsley, etc including all other authors that have contributed work to Photos may not be copied, or reproduced in any form (including modified) without written permission from the author.

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